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“What is an Egress for? Why do you need them?”

“Couldn’t have asked for a better experience of getting two new window wells installed. Trev was quick with an estimate with an excellent price and the installation day went smoothly, without a hitch. He and Tanner worked hard to make sure everything was the way we wanted it. The wells look good and a big improvement over the old ones. Very happy and will highly recommend in the future.


Our Process

The process of installing egress windows is relatively simple and can be broken down into two-three days of labor (depending on the amount of windows we do) that begin after you receive a quote and we prepare your particular project through scheduling, contracts, engineering, and permits.

You can expect a 2-4 week time frame for engineering and permitting to be procured. After that we begin our work per the agreed day between you the homeowner and us the contractor.


We send a digging crew to prepare the hole required to place the window well and install the window. During this day of labor, we dig the entirety of the hole, which on average, measures around 55-60 inches by 40 inches with a depth of 5 feet.

Dirt is typically left over the night carefully piled on tarps, prepared to be removed or dispersed after the window wells are backfilled.

What is an Egress day 1


Is our installation day, where the concrete cutting crew arrives cut the window hole in the foundation using hydraulic concrete saws. After being cut, concrete is carefully and precisely removed from the hole, making room for the window frame to be built. After the window frame is completed, the window is inserted and installed, and finishing touches are applied to seal and blend the window with it’s frame. Meanwhile, the window well will be carefully leveled, insulated, and anchored to the foundation wall, as well as buried and filled with decorative rocks for ample drainage.


Is typically the day we do all the finishing work. We sift through the yard cleaning up any and all landscaping that needs to be done. Any trim or drywall that has been added to the contract will be done this day. Dirt and debris are cleaned up and tools are packed up.

Insulation is key to reducing rust!

Insulation is an important part of anchoring a window well that is often overlooked. Has your window well rusted at a much faster pace than usual, maybe even much quicker than all of your other window wells? This is very likely due to a process called electrolysis. Metal window wells are made of galvanized metal, which is steel that has a thin coating of zinc oxide. This protects the window well from corrosion.

However, if the anchors used to fasten the window well penetrate through the metal frame or deep into the foundation wall and collide with steel reinforcements bars within it, the window well may corrode much quicker due to the presence of an electrolyte (electric current) traveling from the metal frame or support bars through the window well. Often the rebar within the foundation is utilized as a grounding element. This can be prevented by properly insulating the anchors through an insulation tab.

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