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ItIsWell Egress specializes in window well replacements, also called window well exchanges. Our fast & easy process removes the old Rusted Window Wells & are replaced with new high quality galvanized metal.

Our team of trained professionals at ItIsWell Egress & Remodeling work with smaller wells in older homes to the large ones in the newer homes, we can do it all! We arrive at your home & precisely measure for your new custom Window Wells.

“Trevor was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He let us know exactly what was needed and gave us an estimate. He then showed up a few days later as we discussed. Great communication throughout the entire project and the work was done efficiently. Quality work and a reasonable price. Would highly recommend!”

Joseph C.

Our Process

After arriving at your house, our crew will excavate and remove the old window well. Once they have discarded the old well and have prepared the hole for the new one, they will carefully level the new well and then anchor it into the foundation. After the new well has been installed, they will fill the hole around the new well and will restore the original grading and landscaping. Finally, they will install the ladder and cover, remove the excess dirt from the job site, and clean up the work area. As a finishing touch, they will place fresh gravel or stone in the bottom of the well. If necessary, they will also caulk the sides of the well to prevent water from pooling at the bottom and flooding your basement.

Insulation is key to reducing rust!

Insulation is an important part of anchoring a window well that is often overlooked. Has your window well rusted at a much faster pace than usual, maybe even much quicker than all of your other window wells? This is very likely due to a process called electrolysis. Metal window wells are made of galvanized metal, which is steel that has a thin coating of zinc oxide. This protects the window well from corrosion.

However, if the anchors used to fasten the window well penetrate through the metal frame or deep into the foundation wall and collide with steel reinforcements bars within it, the window well may corrode much quicker due to the presence of an electrolyte (electric current) traveling from the metal frame or support bars through the window well. Often the rebar within the foundation is utilized as a grounding element. This can be prevented by properly insulating the anchors through an insulation tab.

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